Friday, March 30, 2007

And Its Good To Be Alive!

I love spring! And in our town, it is spectacular. The Bradford Pears, the Dogwoods, Azaleas, Wisteria and more make this place absolutely beautiful. I took the kids for a drive the other day, and these are some pictures I took while we drove through our town. Mmmmm. I just love to be outside and smell the fresh air and floral scents (makes up for the yellow/green pollen that settles on everything). These lyrics from a Geoff Moore song sum it up!
And it's good to be alive
To feel the wind in my face
See the blue in the sky
It's days like this I realize
What a gift it is
It's good to be alive


Nan said...

This is so not fair.

Once again it is snowing here. **sigh**

Beautiful neighborhood!

JennaG said...

That yard is so gorgeous--wow. I wish I had one like that. We worked all day today in our yard and it seems like we will need to work an entire week to get it all finished! ugh!
I have bright pink azaleas and wisteria too. My wisteria is already finished blooming and looks kind of sad without its flowers! Have a good weekend.

Tonja said...

I do so love this time of year. My azaleas are so pretty. It is a joy to drive in town, especially in the garden district, and just admire the beauty of God. Of course, the pollen is horrendous! I have had a continuous sinus headache for 2 weeks and I don't even think about doing any work in my yard. And the sneezing and the coughing...But,I still wouldn't want to be anywhere else, would you? Well, maybe Hawaii, but like that's ever going to happen. :)