Saturday, March 17, 2007

These are of a day at the park this week. After our weekly trip to the library, another mom and I took our kiddos to the nearby park. I took my neighbor's kids too so she could prepare for her church's Wed. evening supper. Why is it that you take the kids to the park with the new, fancy equipment, and all they do is play in the sand underneath?


Nancy said...


How did you get your pics to post side-by-side like that and have a outlining around them? Just curious. I have blogger, too, but my template is older...wondering if that's it.

Jennifer said...

I love the pictures. We miss you all. November seems so far away!

Leah Belle said...

I posted 2 of them with the post on left choice and then posted 3 with the post on right choice. I didn't have anything to do with the line around them. I'm sorry, I'm not much help. Its purely trial and error for me!