Monday, March 26, 2007

Wedding's Over!

We had fun this weekend being involved in all that surrounds a wedding. Our son was the ring-bearer and if this proud mama may say so herself, he was adorable! Because he is just 3 years old, we were crossing our fingers that he wouldn't distract from the wedding. We were also afraid he would panic when he saw the big crowd and refuse to walk down the aisle. But, he did great! You can check out the pictures I took of the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding day, etc. by clicking on the flickr in the sidebar. My photos aren't great, so I can't wait to see the ones the photographer took.


JennaG said...

Glad you had a nice time! So, did you buy your dress?

Leah Belle said...

No, I never found a dress. I wore a "little black dress" I already had to the wedding. I did buy a couple of pretty tops, one of which I wore to the rehearsal dinner with black pin stripe pants.