Wednesday, April 4, 2007

And then there is Shawn. I also found his blog while searching for people from the past. Shawn and I were friends in college and I saw him a couple of times during the time I lived in TX. I lost track of him for many years and was excited to find his blog link on another friend's blog (Still Reforming - I know him from JBU, too). From there I linked to Nan (Shawn's wife), whom I've never met in person but am enjoying getting to know in the blog world. Her posts and comments always bring a nod of the head and a grin. You go girl!


Nan said...

This is just too good! LOL! Wasn't he just the skinniest thing?! :^D Thanks for the smile this morning!

Kelley said...

I still have a copy of that book of poetry that Shawn is holding in the first picture ... "Over a cup of coffee"

I just came across a pic of Derek & Matt (and many others) on choir tour in my closet this afternoon. Good times.