Saturday, April 7, 2007

Dress Up Clothes

Ever since my daughter could walk, she has loved to play dress up. She would find clothes in the laundry basket that belonged to me and would prance around the house in them. She was always clomping around in my shoes too. Then, when her younger brother started to walk, she started dressing him up too. By now, she had progressed t0 dress up clothes that included sparkly tu-tus, princess outfits and cheerleader costumes. She decided that her brother needed to wear these too. Their daddy would come home from work a little disturbed to find his only son looking like a ballerina or a female cheerleader. In this picture, she has dressed him in one of her dresses (and very proud of herself as you can see).

Thankfully, an older cousin handed down some "boy" dress up clothes like Batman, race car drivers and football players. This was a huge relief to my hubby. My son loves dressing up as much as his sister now. He changes costumes many times a day. His most recent favorites, however, are his cowboy boots and hat. Our neighbors came over to play this week and my son and his friend spent the entire day running around like this.


JennaG said...

That is a very familiar sight around our house. My twins love to dress up. My son's favorite is Daniel Boone--coonskin cap and all.
Your son is adorable in his cowboy hat.

Jennifer said...

He's going to love that you took that picture when he gets older. I love those pictures!