Saturday, April 21, 2007

Last Week in Review

This post is for the Grandma and Nana who like seeing pics of their grandkids. I hope you enjoy!

MONDAY: I can't remember what happened. That was a long time ago and I am a busy mom with way too few brain cells left. Sorry.

TUESDAY: We went to home school coop. It was our last one until next fall. The kids will miss it. So will I. Its fun to visit with other moms while our kiddos are in classes! That evening, Joel gave "golf lessons." I think he wants his love of golf to be theirs, too.

WEDNESDAY: Library party. This was the last day for the weekly library program we attend.The librarian hosted a party at our local park. She read to the kids, then they decorated cupcakes and played on the equipment until it started to rain.

Does he look like trouble, or what?

THURSDAY: Our son had his first dentist appointment. He was a lot less nervous than his sis was a couple of weeks ago. He was so proud of the "no cavities club" t-shirt the dentist gave him that he insisted I put it on him immediately.

FRIDAY: We attended a Physics and Chemistry demonstration at a nearby college. This was fabulous. Two professors and some of their students did several fascinating demonstrations including ones about sound and light waves, chemical reactions, electricity, magnets, air pressure, minerals, static electricity and more. This photo is of a student on a bed of nails.
We also attended a fine arts recital produced by our home school coop. Those who have been working on a fine art this past semester were able to showcase their work at this evening's event. A children's musical was performed. We listened to violins and vocal solos. Then we saw our first born and her class perform a ballet number. It was sooooo cute!

SATURDAY: A friend passed down 2 adult bikes to us. We enjoyed a family ride through the neighborhood this morning. I hope this is the beginning of a family tradition.

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JennaG said...

Such a nice week you had-Yes, that young man does look like trouble--but he's also pretty cute! Thanks for sharing your great pictures.