Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Good Ol' Days!

That's me. I'm the girl with the hat, the dark sweatshirt, the long curly (permed) blonde hair ALL covered with mud. What's that you say? You can't figure out how 4 young, civilized college students could get so muddy?! You mean you've never played phantom baseball on a muddy field in the rain late at night? Well then, you missed out.

Ok, I admit it! I love to reminisce! I praise God for how he has not only met my needs my entire life, he has given me some fun times and great friendships! Several things have happened these past few weeks to send me on another trip down memory lane. I'm one of those really strange people who saves everything of sentimental value. I have boxes of letters that were sent to me (back when we still used snail mail). Every so often, when I'm on one of those organizing kicks where I go through everything we own and either throw it away or find a home for it, I get those boxes out and think, "maybe I should get rid of these." So I pick up a couple to see what I have, and reading them just brings back such great memories. I usually end up laughing and crying all at once. Some of them turned out be prophetic, others ironic. But all of them remind me of special times. They remind me what it felt like to be in high school and college. They prompt me to praise God for the friends he has given me. And, you guessed it, I can't get rid of a single one. I mean, famous people publish books of all their correspondence. Why can't I?

I also keep scrapbooks of pictures and every little scrap that holds any kind of significance. You know, when I was climbing water towers, going to banquets, exploring caves, playing practical jokes, I thought I would never forget the good times. But as I read letters and look at scrapbooks, I am more and more grateful that I have them. They keep me from forgetting (the fact that I'm starting to forget makes me feel old).

Anyway, I had a long talk with my brother the other day about our college days (we attended the same college at the same time - he's 2 years younger than me) which sent me to my scrapbooks. Its so fun to jog my memory of all the fun things we did in those days. We laughed and played and cried and loved and more. Those days seem so long ago, yet just a moment ago! So please humor me while I post some of the photos from the "good ol' days." I won't post them all at once. Periodically, I'll post pictures from my childhood (including high school), college days, single-on-my-own days and early married days. Some of you who read my blog were there. I hope you enjoy looking at these and remembering! The rest of you may just laugh!

And while I'm reminiscing about the "good ol' days", I'll be making more great memories.
"'Good ol' days' start with 'good new days' like today."

P.S. This photo was taken circa 1991. The people with me are DeAnn, Paul, and Don.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love to think back on the good ol' days. I too keep EVERYTHING. It's really a bad problem for me! :)

Nan said...

We are so alike it's scary. I keep everything like that. I actually get rid of so many things but never letters, notes or pictures.

Well... let's just say Shawn's taste in women has always been superb! ;^P (You did know that he had the hots for you all through college right? He tells me it was somewhat of an epidemic in their circle of friends.) :^D Thanks for not giving him the time of day though. My children thank you too. ;^P Hee hee!

Can't wait to read about some more of your memories!

jjmhedrick said...

Thanks for sharing your college memory today. Reading this made me miss you so much! We were playing with Matthew on Google Earth and we were able to show him the "Beach" at Glorieta. I have such cherished memories from our time at Glorieta and our brief moment of sharing an apartment together. Looking forward to reading more of your memories. :o) Jenn

stephanie said...

Wow - serious flashbacks!! :)