Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Who Do You Know?

Nan over at Life is Like a Lunchbox has started a game of tag. She's trying out Mr. Linky. Here's how it works. Go to her blog (here) and "sign" her Mr. Linky. Then, on YOUR blog answer her questions:
Who in the blogosphere do you know in real life? Tell us how you know that person. Show us a picture (or a few) if you can. Tell us how excited you were (or how nervous?) when you found out they were blogging or when you convinced them to start blogging.
If you don't know someone in the blogosphere in real life, what blogger would you most like to know in real life? Why?
Well, here are my answers. I know several people in the blogosphere. I found them after I started my blog (which wasn't too long ago). I was very excited to find them!

One of the people from my past that I found was Stephanie at Olive Tree. Stephanie and I were roomates at JBU for one semester our senior year. DeAnn was my roomie for 7 of the 8 semesters that I attended there. When our senior year rolled around, DeAnn wanted to move off-campus to an apartment. I wasn't ready to do that yet. I thought I was lovin' dorm life too much. So, Stephanie moved in with me for one semester and then when I started student teaching, I moved off-campus with DeAnn (we did our student teaching at the same time and in the same school). I enjoyed living with Stephanie, but I think I drove her crazy. I wasn't quite as neat in my habits as she was. Sorry, Steph! Anyway, its fun to see how she's doing. She's expecting baby #3 soon and its fun to get her updates!


stephanie said...

You did NOT drive me crazy! :) I just remember our paths not crossing much since I was student teaching that semester and you weren't ... and that we had the BEST room in the whole dorm because it was the biggest! (I'm loving these old photos you are showing ... off to dig some of mine out.)

Leah Belle said...

You're right. It was the best room in the whole dorm!

JennaG said...

I loved reading about all the people you know! How fun--I can tell you were a blast in college! I think I was a bit of a stick in the mud!