Thursday, May 17, 2007

Family and Fitzgerald

We returned last night from Fitzgerald, Ga. where we attended the funeral of Joel's granddaddy. In a phone conversation with my sister yesterday, she asked, "was it a sad funeral?" The answer is no. Of course, it was emotional. Of course, we all miss him and are sad that he is no longer living here. But, we are not hopelessly sad. We are glad that he is seeing what he spent his life believing. We are glad that there is no more pain, and there are no more tears for him. We are glad that this family stands strong because of our heritage and that we are drawn closer together in love during times like these. And we are glad that we will one day all be together again.

Fitzgerald, Georgia is where Joel's grandparents lived and where his parents grew up. They no longer live there and now that the grandparents are no longer living, we won't be returning to Fitzgerald as often. Because of this, I was diligent to take some pictures of places in town that we will want to remember. In the side bar, you will find a collection (flickr badge) of some of the photos I took of family and Fitzgerald. (I will remove this badge after a few days). Click on the badge to view all the pictures.


April said...

I love how you and Joel are historians. I need to be more like that as well. I appreciate you and all you do for the family.

Heather said...

Sorry to hear about Joel's grandpa. It is hard to loose someone even when you are sure they will be in heaven. It is amazing to see your family and how they all serve the Lord.