Friday, May 4, 2007

We Love Biking!

Biking is our new family past-time. I mentioned in an earlier post, that a friend had given Joel and me hand-me-down bikes. So now every one in our family has a bike, and we have taken to riding through the neighborhood together. I have even made it my habit to ride all by myself in the mornings before Joel leaves for work. Its very nice alone time and great exercise too (which I am very much in need of).

All that to say, we got our daughter a new bike this week. She gave her "old" one to her little brother, because his bike has seen much better days. She is thrilled with her new Barbie bike and her brother loves it that the "big" bike is his now. It doesn't hurt that the bike is decorated with gator colors!

But our boy can't do anything the "normal" way. Today, he went in the house and got the goggles from his toolbox and wore them while riding.

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