Wednesday, July 4, 2007

"Thank You God, for Our Country and for the Rain"

Our town held a patriot concert on our town square last night. Local business brought in the Tri-State Community Orchestra which performed several patriotic numbers. It was raining when the event began, but no one seemed to mind. A good number of townspeople came to the concert carrying their lawn chairs and umbrellas. There was no complaining about the rain or staying home because of the 'inconvenience' it caused. You see, we've been experiencing a drought lately, and many people have been praying for rain. So when a local pastor began the festivities with an invocation, the opening line of his prayer was, "Thank you God, for our country and for the rain."

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Tonja said...

That was some down por wasn't it> Sorry it messed up the concert, but we sure do need the rain!