Friday, August 31, 2007

And Now For the Commercials!

Things have been busy around here. School's back in session. We just finished our 2nd week, we have guests coming this weekend, and a friend and I have been engaged in a hunt for some long lost friends. I've had fun playing detective and we've been successful at tracking down just about everyone. Its exciting and I can't wait to tell you more!
However, before I put the whole wonderful vacation to rest for a while, I wanted to pause for a few commercials.

The first item I'd like to praise is Pringles! For every lunch during the two week trip, we had roadside picnics. Wherever we happened to be at lunchtime, we'd find a picnic table and pull out all the lunch goodies. It was fun to eat with so many different views: beside the river, in the shadow of mountains, on the high planes, in bear territory, at Mount Rushmore, etc. If you had been able to look in on every one of our picnics, you would have seen Pringles. They are perfect for travelling. Not only are they yummy and come in any flavor you could ever want, they are stored in the can instead of a bag. This makes it possible to have chips that aren't disintegrated into tiny crumbs!

(above: lunch beside Hoback River in Wyoming)

(right: Mount Rushmore, South Dakota)

next kuddos go to Nature Valley's Chewy Trail Mix bars! My mom purchased two JUMBO boxes of the Fruit and Nut variety from Sam's before we left on the trip. We ate them for breakfast, we ate them at lunch, we ate them for snack and we loaded our backpacks with them when we were on the trail. On our hike to Inspiration Point at Jenny Lake, Grand Tetons, we were standing near a family that was admiring the view like we were. We overheard one of the teenage children complaining about being hungry. My hubby whipped one of these bars out of his pack and gave it to her! They are good enough to share!
(On the trail with Nature Valley Trail Mix bars in our packs!)

OK, so those are a couple of my endorsements in case you ever find yourself driving cross country for 2 weeks and/or hiking some trail somewhere! (That kind of gives me an idea....maybe I should write a list: "10 things you should never do on a 2 week cross country vacation." If I get in the mood and wax comedic, you may be reading that soon.)


Jenn said...

Glad to see your back to blogging! This entry made me laugh out loud and I had to read it to Jeremy. Enjoy your guests.

Nancy said...

I was wondering where you were? I was starting to get worried that you weren't feeling well. I love Pringles, too!

We're expecting #7!