Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our Trek - Day Eleven (July 30)

Sadly, this was the day we had to leave the Yellowstone/Grand Teton area. It was sad, because there was so much more to see and do. We left through the East Entrance of Yellowstone which provided us different views than our days spent in Yellowstone. After leaving Yellowstone, we had lunch in Cody, WY (we went to WalMart there too!:)) The drive on this day was just as beautiful as previous days. We saw beautiful mountains and countryside (Shoshone Natl Forrest and Bighorn Natl Forrest). We stopped at Shell Falls. "We saw real cowboys!

We even saw a moose. Now this was an exciting event, becaus even though we had our eyes peeled the entire time we were in the Yellowstone/Grand Teton area, we did not see a moose.

We camped that night at Sundance, Wyo. This was a KOA campground and gets the "best campground of the trip award."
(our campsite - the next morning)
The owners have done a good job of making the accommodations nice and clean and comfortable. We had a pretty view of a valley and mountain across the way. We enjoyed watching the horses graze and then the full moon come up over the mountain.


Jenn said...

The first picture is breathtaking.
I'm curious how did you kids do driving across country? How did you keep them occupied in the car?

Leah Belle said...

The kids did a great job. I was surprised and pleased how well it went.They sat in the 3rd row and played and talked with each other. We took the DVD player, but didn't use it. I also had an MP3 player with our VBS music on it, which they enjoyed listening to. Mostly, when they weren't checking out the scenery and wildlife, they played together. They had some of their stuffed animals plus the souvenirs we bought them along the way. They had crayons, coloring books and other books as well.