Friday, October 12, 2007

Can I Just Say?

Can I just say....
...that I LOVE to travel!
...that staying in a hotel is AWESOME! I don't have to clean or cook!
...that Nashville, TN. is a beautiful town.
...that reconnecting with old friends I haven't seen in YEARS is the most fun.
...that I love how you can go for years without talking to a friend and when you meet again, its just like old times.
...that I love history, and travel enables me to learn so much more.
...that the Louisiana style sandwich I ate at the Farmers Market was very yummy!
...that my cousin, Julie, is beautiful.
...that I could get used to valet parking.
...that portable DVD players are a great invention.
...that I wish we could travel more!

Thanks for letting me say that! We've been in Nashville this week and had a great time. I'll be posting pictures later. For now, there's a pile of laundry to do as well as some housecleaning before we get out the Fall decorations!


stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

We had such fun with you guys - Noelle has even named one of her dolls after your daughter. (For the time being anyway ... names seem to change around here!) Can't wait to see pictures!

April said...

Glad you all had a great time in TN! Yes, I too could get used to valet parking and NO cooking or cleaning.

Jenn said...

Looking forward to seeing pics of your dinner w/ G&A. It was nice chatting w/ ya last week. :o)