Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Does Having "Old Friends" Make Me Old?

I'm sure it does, but I'll never admit it!

During our stay in Nashville, I had a blast catching up with "old friends." I actually enjoyed 3 rendezvous with family and friends I had not seen in a while.

My first rendezvous was with Greg and Audre. I met Greg and Audre when we were all in our early 20s. We were co-workers at Glorieta Conference Center (in Glorieta, NM) FOURTEEN years ago! Ugh! How could time have passed so quickly. It feels like yesterday we were so young and had few responsibilities. We all did our shifts of work during the day and then hung out and had fun the rest of the time. There are great memories of playing hearts in the lobby or making a late night run to Santa Fe for food. We went on hikes, saw the sights, listened to the musicians at La Cantina, ate the best Mexican food and became close friends. Then life happened and we all grew up and went our separate ways. So after all those years, I got to see a couple of the "Glorieta gang". We had so much fun meeting each other's families and catching up! I love how you can not see or speak to each other for a LONNNG time and when you do finally see each other, its "just like old times."

The Glorieta gang (minus a few). I am the denim clad blonde seated on the left, Greg and Audre are standing in the middle. Glorieta, NM June 1993

At Greg and Audre's wedding 1995 (I'm the blonde to the right of Greg)

Greg, Audre and me at Spaghetti Factory Nashville, Tn Oct 2007

My second rendezvous was with my cousin, Julie. I think its been four years since I've seen her. Even though she has a busy schedule, she took the time to meet the kids and me for lunch. We grabbed fast food to go and went to a nearby park. While the kids ran and played, Julie and I caught up on each others' lives. I really enjoy being around Julie. She is sweet and beautiful in every way!
Julie with my kids! Nashville Oct 2007

Then my third rendezvous was with Stephanie. Stephanie and I were in the same degree program in college and we even roomed together one semester our senior year (we had the best and biggest room in the dorm). We've kept up over the years through email, Christmas cards and most recently through our blogs. You can check her out at Olive Tree. The kids and I went to Stephanie's house one afternooon. While Stephanie and I chatted, my kids enjoyed playing with her three girls! Thanks for letting us hang out all afternoon, Stephanie. It was lots of fun!
Stephanie and me in the good ol' days! 1993

Stephanie and me Nashville, Oct 2007


stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

No, we're not old yet! :)

Tonja said...

This is funny. I worked at Glorietta the summer of '72 or '73. I worked in the Preschool Dept. and helped care for the little ones while parents were in sessions. I loved it. I made some terrific friends. Yes we loved going in to Sante Fe. Wasn't the food there amazing? Sante Fe...NOT Glorietta! I've never been back, but have always wanted to spend some more time in Sante Fe. What a small world. I have never met anyone else who worked there.

Jenn said...

Tonja- how neat - Leah and I both worked in the Preschool Dept. in '92 & '93. Other than the people we worked with, I have only known one other person (my Aunt - late '60's) who worked as a summer staffer. In Aug. my husband and I went to Glorieta/Santa Fe for a mini vacation and loved reliving our memories. Our friends we met at Glorieta are still some of our dearest friends today. How fun to read your comment!!!

Leah loved the post!

April said...

From a brother-in-law standpoint, yes, it does.