Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Series: Fall in Lower Alabama!

* the smell of sawdust and cow manure
* ferris wheels and tilt-a-whirls
* youth in helmets wrestling heifers

* dusty roads and parking lots
* ranchers betting on the weight of that large Brahma bull
* children begging for more tickets to use in the Midway
* loud music blaring from speakers
* lots of camoflage and cowboy boots
* the smell of funnel cakes and kettle corn
* monkeys dressed in clothes, elephant rides and camels
* photography exhibits and vendor give-aways
* pigs greased in peanut oil
* pageant queens
* barrels of free peanuts to eat!

These are the sights, sounds and smells of the National Peanut Festival on farmer's night.


April said...

Nothing works better than a hat for those peanuts! Looks like fun. Our annual fair is here this week and we are looking forward to taking Little P. this year and experiencing some of those same things.

Tonja said...

My son at college comes home every year just to go to the fair. I have such fond memories...the world's best corn dogs!

Jenn said...

I love the picture of your little guy filling his hat up with peanuts - so cute!!!

I love fairs - I am so sad that we did not make to the State fair this year. Fair food is the best.

DeAnn said...

Loved hearing about Fall in Alabama and also about your new church building. That's really exciting. And your children are just so beautiful!