Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This Week in Alabama!

Scary, isn't it? My friend Jennifer and I are having fun! She and her family are here all week (they live in North Carolina).

Here are all the kids on the way to church Sunday morning.

I won't be around the blogosphere much this week. We're too busy having fun. On tap for this week: hotdogs & s'mores over the fire in the back yard, fishin' at a friend's lake, playing outside, Thanksgiving dinner, Black Friday shopping, Phase 10 games, movie watching, x-box playing and so much more.

Phantom softball in the front yard

These pj clad kiddos don't look like they are going to bed any time soon!

I hope you are enjoying yourselves this week too. And don't forget why we're celebrating: God's goodness to us! We have a lot for which to be grateful both personally and as a nation!


Jenn said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. Happy Thanksgiving!

JennaG said...

Hey, my sisters and I play Phase 10 every thanksgiving. We also do the black friday shopping thing. Happy thanksgiving to you.

Anonymous said...

Wish we were playing Phase 10 with you! Don't eat too much...oh never mind, We're supposed too, its Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving! The Denny's miss you!