Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Day of Firsts!

Today was a meaningful and fun day for our family:

Jennifer (my friend who is visiting us) and I cooked our first complete Thanksgiving meal. We usually just eat...never have had to prepare the whole thing ourselves. (Thanks, Mother, for all the work you've put into past Thanksgiving meals!)

That means we cooked our first turkey! It was yummy! Thanks to Pioneer Woman, I learned about brining a turkey, took the plunge and followed her directions. It was worth the extra step, because my first attempt at cooking a turkey was moist and delicious!

I also tried Butternut Squash for the first time. Once again, I found the recipe from Pioneer Woman. Granted, I was the only one to enjoy it and most wouldn't even try it. That means I can eat it all myself. In fact there's so much of it, I'll have to freeze it in small portions and eat it for the rest of my life.

I also made gravy SUCCESSFULLY for the first time. ...And the award goes to Pioneer Woman!

I used my wedding gift crystal for the first time ever! Can you believe that? For the first 7 years of our marriage, they were stored in the original boxes in the attic, because I had no place to display or store them. Since we've moved into our current house, they've been on display. But today, I got them out and actually used them!

When we sat down at our dining room table (recently inherited from my hubby's Grandmother), my hubby commented that he'd sat at that table for many a Thanksgiving and Christmas.
What a meaningfully reminiscent thought!

We had a fun day and look forward to Black Friday shopping tomorrow!

Don't forget what this holiday is all about. It's about thanking God!

For more details and more pictures of our day, head on over to Jennifer's blog!


Tonja said...

So glad you had a woderful day. Congrats on the cooking, too.

don't think I'll be eaded out to shop in LA today. I can see those parking lots now...good luck!

Jenn said...

Good luck braving the shopping - I will be at home decorating for Christmas.

Sounds like Thursday was a success on many levels. I am proud for you that your meal turned our so well. What fun memories you all will have of this week.

I hope you get a lot of good deals today! :o)

Nan said...

Me too Leah!! Well, I've made turkey dinner alone several times as we've spent it alone as a family many times now but this was the first time that it was absolutely phenomenal, thanks to Ree! Gosh, I love that woman. Everything was SO yummy! Glad you all had a similar experience and a great Thanksgiving Day!!

mer said...

I think cooking Thanksgiving dinner is so much fun...I hope you enjoyed it! How fun to celebrate with good friends!

Heather said...

Cooking Thanksgiving without Mama or Grandma is definately a lot of work. We did the same at Mike's sister's house, ok, mainly she did was great.

My sister and I thought about Black Friday... it was just a thought. :)