Monday, December 10, 2007

Been Busy....Been Missing Y'all!

I have been very remiss in my posting this week. But its been for a good reason. The fun things about the Christmas season are happening, and I just had to let go of the blog to take part in them!

So here's a quick report on what's been going on:

*Working my homeshow business (yea, Christmas money!).

*Babysitting for a friend so she can Christmas shop.

*Attending our small town's Christmas parade.

Our daughter rode on this float...she's the one bundled
in the lilac coat just above the letter D

Here's a self-portrait of our son and me as we wait
for the parade to start. The weather was actually a little nippy
on this night, and we got to bundle up!

*Eating yummy Saturday brunch at a friend's Pampered Chef party (loved the German Apple Pancake).

*Making pretzel wreathe ornaments with my kiddos while dressed in our pjs!

Here is the wreathe before I put the bow for hanging.

*Laughing with friends at our Sunday School Christmas party.

*Creating Christmas ornaments at my daughter's Keeper's At Home meeting.

*Crying tears of pride and joy as I watched my children in our church's children's Christmas musical.

That's my son singing Christmas songs with
the preschool choir (he's the one in the middle).

We were thrilled that our seemingly shy 6 year old
did a wonderful job singing
"Away in a Manger" solo! My heart was bursting!

*Decorating kiddos made some really colorful ones!

If you've made it to the end of this post, you must be Grandma or Nana to my children...or you are a sweet friend who humors me by reading my blog....or you're pretty bored today and having nothing else to do. I know this post was lengthy, but I had to make up for a whole week of not posting, didn't I? Regardless of your reason for making it this far, thanks for stopping by. I hope you are having fun living Christmas with your friends and family, too!


April said...

Sounds like you all are having a great time. Times like those are definitely more important than posting. However, we are glad you shared with us!

Tonja said...

I made it all the way through...and it's because I love reading about a Mom who knows what he REALLY important things are!

Enjoy the holidays!

mer said...

I loved this post! We made Christmas cookies today because school was closed for snow! Yay! I love your pretzel wreaths (isn't that silpat baking mat the greatest thing ever invented??)--will you share your recipe? I'd love to make those with my children!

Jenn said...

Y'all have been busy! I loved seeing all the pictures of your holiday adventures.

This weekend the boys and I are going to make Pioneer Woman's sugar cookies and your pretzel wreaths. Thanks for the recipe.

GXSRLovers said...

I noticed the silpats! I think of you always when I use mine!