Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm Not Gone and I Hope I'm Not Forgotten!

I have had writer's block or should I say blogger's block. Even though I 've been busier than ever (I thought things were supposed to slow down in January), I haven't been able to think of anything interesting enough to blog about.

I mean, do you want to hear about how many closets I've cleaned out or how many loads of laundry I've done? Do you want the juicy details about our homeschool day or the meals I've been cooking? How about my new coupon venture and how I've become obsessed with clipping them? I have turned into a bargain hunter and my hubby has been heard to call me the coupon queen.

But please don't forget about me....I'll be back in the bloggy mood soon. In fact, we're taking our kiddos on a snow skiiing trip next week....and I'll be on the slopes for the first time in 7 years. That should be fodder for a post or two! I just hope I don't end up reporting that I've broken my tail bone.

Happy January y'all.


mer said...

You're not forgotten! Not by a long stretch!

I, for one, would love to hear about your coupon clipping. I'm a fellow coupon queen too.

And where are you going to snow ski? Wouldn't be Colorado would it? If so, you're a lucky girl to get to visit our beautiful state twice in a 6 month span!

BusyMom said...
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Tonja said...

Have a wonderful trip! Will look forward to hearing and seeing pictures when you return.
Be careful!

Jenn said...

I have been away from the blog world for a few days but I am back now!

You know me I would love to hear about all the meals you are making! Love new recipes. :)

I am with Mer I would also like to learn about your bargin shopping and coupon clipping. I am not a coupon clipper so I love to hear how it works for you!

Have a fun ski trip and be safe. I can not wait to hear about it when you return! Love ya!

Becky said...

Sounds fun! Have a great time! : )