Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Love Going To The Polls!

I am a patriotic person! I love my country and the freedoms that I enjoy in it! I gained this love from my parents who from an early age taught me about the Constitution, our freedoms and the sacrifices required to have those freedoms. I grew up at political rallies, on battlefields, and in museums. I learned quickly what a privilege it is to be able to vote for our government officials.

So today, as Alabamians took to the polls in the Presidential Primary, it was with pride and gratitude that I walked into our small town polling place. The weather was balmy, promising of Spring, and I took a moment to contemplate the enormous privilege of voting.

But now that I live in a small town, going to the polls is even more fun. It's not just an enormous privilege, it's a fun social event. At the door I was greeted by a friend who chatted with me about dinner. I joked with our music minister and his wife, and I asked another lady about her pregnancy. As I signed my name and picked up my ballot, I planned a breakfast get-together with a pollster. I greeted numerous friends and acquaintances and even discussed a science class with a home school mom.

Those of you who grew up in a small town may think, "what's the big deal?" But I grew up in big cities and going to the polls was just that....walk in, vote, walk out. I love the feeling of belonging and community that I find in my small town polling place! If your state is holding primaries today, get out and exercise your freedom....small town or big city.


mer said...

jI love small towns. The one I live in is small (relative to the big city close by) but honestly, it's not small enough.

I loved what you shared...I remember those days fondly. :)

Anonymous said...

Election season gets me excited too! My students have been studying the United States and we are "voting" tomorrow. We have a really cute voting booth set up. It will be fun. Huckabee won in Alabama, right?

Jenn said...

Your small town sound idyllic. How fun all the people you saw Tuesday.
I take my right to vote very seriously too. Texas will vote in a couple of weeks and I look forward to it.