Friday, February 29, 2008

What a Blessed Day!

Don't you just love days full of accomplishment, friends and blessings? Yesterday was one of those blessed days for me!

It was my turn to cook for the supper co-op, so I spent the day in the kitchen. I was checking the stove and mixing ingredients while teaching my daughter how to subtract nine. We enjoyed the fragrant smells of ribs cooking all day.

My children played together especially well and amused me with their creative masterpieces. They found an old shirt box and used what materials they could find throughout the house to make a "bear."

After school was over, it seemed like I was continually on the phone. I have a "crick" in my neck from holding the phone with my shoulder while doing food preparations. I received calls from family members and friends. I think it was "call Leah day," because I got an unusual number of phone calls. It was fun to talk with so many friends.

Connie called to tell me she had put together some mixes for our favorite breakfast recipe: baked oatmeal muffins. This was very exciting to me! She had premixed the dry ingredients for the recipe into plastic bags and written on the outside of the bags the rest of the ingredients needed. I promptly placed them in the pantry excited about how easy it would be to bake my next batch of muffins.

Then, thanks to a coupon from money saving mom, my hubby picked up these for me!

The regular price for this 12 pack of retractable Sharpie markers is usually $23/pack. With the coupon, my hubby paid $2/pack. You would not believe how extremely excited this made me! I love Sharpies and I really love an unbelievable deal. Click the coupon link above to get your coupon. But you must hurry, because it expires tomorrow!

While I was extremely excited about the Sharpie deal, I was overwhelmed by the next surprise. A sweet friend called and asked if she could stop by. After rushing around to make myself look presentable, I was shocked when she arrived at my door with this:

This was my view from the top of the box as I opened it. Can you guess what it is? Unfortunately there's no prize to give away, but your prize can be the satisfaction of being right! (I personally love that feeling!) Leave your guesses in the comments, and I'll tell you tonight how this item makes my heart palpitate!


stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

Okay, I have no idea ... unless it's an ice cream maker. That's my best guess. What a fun day! (I'm going to try those muffins!)

JennaG said...

Looks like a kitchen aid to me???

mer said...

I can't tell you how excited a new pack of Sharpies makes me! Glad you found such a great deal!

And that looks like a Kitchen Aid to me. If it is, I'm gonna be so jealous. So stinkin' jealous. And happy for you at the same time! :)

new mom in law said...

I have to admit, I enlarged it and saw that it is a Professional mixer. I am jealous Leah Belle!!! angela

Main Street Mom said...

I know, I know, I know!!!!
He blesses us abundantly above what we ask or think!!

Jenn said...

Thanks for the coupon - I guess I missed it from her blog. I am going to go in the morning to get my Sharpies - love 'em.

I am glad you had such a wonderful day. Before I read the comments I was going to say a stand up mixer. If so, what an amazing gift. Can't wait to hear!

DeAnn said...

I think ice cream freezer or pressure cooker!

Anita Ann said...

Oh I I had seen that coupon earlier. I love sharpies. That's a great idea premixing the dry ingredients.

Jenn said...

Update on the coupon:

Jeremy went yesterday to buy the sharpies but they were out. I was so sad because I really wanted them but not for the reason he thought. He kept saying I will buy you some. I told him the point was to get two packs for $4 and that is really the only reason I wanted them! He thought I was a very sill girl. :o)