Tuesday, March 4, 2008

There Are a Few States Left to Vist!

At the top of my list of states left to visit would be Alaska and Hawaii!

Meanwhile, I love to think about all the places in the United States I have had the opportunity to visit.

Once, when I was in my early teens, I told my Dad that I wished I could travel as much as he had. His response was, "You will."

It turns out that he was right. Thanks to choir tours, college Spring Break trips to friends' homes, family vacation adventures and my hubby's work related travels, I have been able to see most of the United States.

There are just 16 states left to see, and by looking at the map below, I see I need to make a lengthy trip to the North/Northwest!

create your own personalized map of the USA

Thanks to Mer at Life at 7000 feet for finding this fun map!


His Girl said...

Well, we don't have sweet tea here, but know you've got friends in Cali!

JennaG said...

We have that in common--I have 16 states left to see as well! My goal is 50 by 50. I only have 10 years left to get the other 16 in. Hawaii is the greatest vacation state--I loved it--try to go soon!!!

Jenn said...

Look at your list - so impressed! Maybe we should go to CA together. :o)

Lisa said...

How cool is that not much further to go!