Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Journey To The Journey

Isn't it amazing how much work must be done in preparation for a trip? About a week before we go anywhere, I start to stress about all that must be done before I leave. There's laundry to do before I can pack it in the suitcase. There are groceries to be bought before I can make food preparations (which I'll tell you more about later). There is house cleaning to be done before I leave so that I can come home to a clean house. There are endless lists to be made so that I don't forget anything important (which I usually do anyway) and lots of decision making and second guessing...and so on. Of course everything mentioned has to take place on top of all the normal activities of our house.

In the end, it's all worth the time, thought and stress....getting through it is the hard part. And getting through it is what I'm doing this week. This Saturday we leave for a vacation with my hubby's family at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My hubby has 4 sisters all of whom are married with children. The whole clan including Mom, Dad, siblings, in-laws and kiddos are gathering in a rented beach house to spend a week. It is a rare occasion that ALL TWENTY-TWO of the clan are able to be in one place at one time, so this is a special treat! I can't wait to get there, and I can't wait to tell you all about our fun. But in the meantime, you'll be hearing about the steps on my journey to the journey.

Step One:
Start a pile. I have cleared my dining room table and have begun to gather items that come to mind as I go through the week. As the week goes along, my pile grows and grows, but when its time to fill the suitcase or pack the tubs, everything is in one place.

Stay tuned for nail biting (probably not) posts about food preparation, a vacation birthday party, plans for family portraits and a special family activity while at the beach.


April and Dawn said...

My table looks the same way! I just began packing my food items in my large laundry basket. I clicked on your pic to check out your goodies up close. I've got foil to bring also! (who actually cares???)

My biggest challenge this week is to pack Payton and my clothing into a medium suitcase. Why will this be a challenge? Because on our most recent trip I had the largest filled to the max and Payton's things in the smaller. now I must get it ALL into one medium size bag. Down-sizing is a MUST. You may see me in the same clothing one or two times next week. Washed and cleaned first of course! Can't wait to see you all.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh, I hope you have a wonderful time with family.

I've never thought about piling things on my table as I think of them. I'm a big list person, so I usually just start making lists and adding things as I go. The day before a trip, I'm walking around with a sharpie, crossing things off as they go in the suitcase! It might be easier to just pile them up on a table though!

Crystal said...

Oh, how exciting! I hope you all have a great time. I know you will enjoy having the whole bunch all together for a little while.

Jenn said...

Playing catch up today on blogs. I thought of you everyday in Savannah when I orderd sweet tea with my meals. :o)

On our way to Hilton Head we talked about your family knowing that you arrived a day earlier in Myrtle Beach. Can't wait to see pictures from your trip.