Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pretty Hairclips and a Silly Son

One of the really awesome gifts our daughter got for her birthday recently were these hairclips:

Her Aunt April made these for her (a very timely gift since the hair is suddenly shorter). These clippies are completely covered with pretty ribbon. The inside is covered with a fabric that helps to keep them in place in the hair.

These are just one of the many CUTE items for sell at April and Dawn's blog, Something Girly. You must get over there and check it all out. The items you'll find make great gifts for daughters, nieces, and other girls in your life.

See how they just dress up the new hairdo?

Of course, in my son's world, nothing is used for its original purpose! The ever experimenting young whippersnapper keeps us grinning! Here's his version of how to use the clippies:

Oh, and did you notice the red kool-aid mustache? That's a permanent sight around here!


April and Dawn said...

That was a good effort by MT to get his pic on the blog site but unfortunately it may not help sells. Ha! I need to get a pic of CT with the clippies and download it onto the site soon. We need to show that older girls can also wear them. Thanks for posting about the business.

P.S. I would also like a purse made if you don't mind. I will purchase all materials and mail them with Dawn's. This may make some great Christmas gifts! Are you interested in making some extra $? Let me know.


Jenn said...

Cute clips!! At time like these I long for a girl. Your little guy is so funny. I am glad you clarified that it was kool aid because I thought he got into the lipstick. ;o)

So you make purses huh? Very interesting...

If you end up wanting to make a little Christmas money let me know because I would love to by one!!

I am actually wanting a bag to carry my Bible study stuff in so let me know if you into business! :o)