Monday, September 1, 2008

A Funny Discovery

Today, I was searching for a document my hubby needed. I guess my filing system is lacking something, because I couldn't lay my hands on the document right away. I searched through several files until I found this:

This is the remote control to our tv. While it is very strange that I would find a tv remote in my files; what's more strange is that it has been missing for 3 years!

One day about three years ago, I reorganized, refiled, and culled our files. It was a huge project which included large bags of trash. I had the tv on, listening to a news channel and about mid-day, I realized I couldn't find the remote. I looked everywhere for it. I dug through the large trash bags of paper trash. I looked under and behind the furniture. I examined boxes and files, but could not find it anywhere. I finally gave up my search, and we concluded that it must have gotten thrown away in the mess somehow.

Now, years later, I came upon it randomly. I yelled and laughed and went looking for my hubby with the exciting news.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time something like this has happened to me. After I graduated from college, I packed up the things in my apartment to head home for the summer. I got everything squared away and was ready to head for the office to turn in my keys, but could not find them anywhere! I turned the place upside down to no avail. Fortunately, I had a spare car key and the apartment manager didn't charge me a fine.

Three years later, I had just gotten engaged and was moving to my parents house to plan my wedding. I was searching for something and decided to check the couch. Wouldn't you know it: I found those keys stuck way down in the sides of the couch! It had been so long since I lost them that I didn't recognize them at first!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That's so funny, Leah! Glad you found it.

Nan said...

Oh my gosh... that is hilarious... and that is SO us! LOL I found my long lost iPod in the crevice of our overstuffed chair yesterday. You just never know...

new mom in law said...

I am so OCD...I CANNOT stop looking for something I've lost. I would have still been searching for the remote...three years later!!!!

Jenn said...

This post made me laugh! But I am OCD like New Mom in Law- I could not have given up the search - it would have driven me crazy. Something I need to work on! :o)