Friday, September 19, 2008

The Gift

Our son as been asking for a "real" bow and arrow for a long time now. Usually, when he asks for something, its a passing phase and he will quit asking after a while. That wasn't the case with this. The closer we got to his birthday, the more he talked about the bow and arrow he wanted. This last week, he kept telling me about how Daddy was going to go to the store and get him a bow and arrow for his birthday.

So, a couple of days ago, Daddy DID make a trek to the store and got our son this:

When he opened his gift yesterday, there was no surprise. He'd been telling me for days what he was going to get! There WAS a lot of excitement, though! And he was more than willing to try out his shooting skills in the back yard. Daddy had set up some "hay barrels" for target practice. It turns out that this model is too big (the pounds of pressure are too great for him to be able to shoot it by himself), so we will have to exchange it for a smaller one.

It doesn't matter, he got his real bow and arrow and the stories of shooting hay "barrels" and someday a moose have replaced stories of Daddy buying a bow and arrow.


Amanda said...

How cool is that! Lots of great Father/Son memories will be made with this birthday gift!!

Jenn said...

That picture of them is great!! Love how your little guy has his eye closed. :o) What a great father and son moment.

Tonja said...

Great picture! Oh, boys and their toys! :)

Jennifer said...

I know he was so excited. It won't be long he'll be hunting with it!