Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lovin' Where I Live

Top Ten Reasons I Love Where I Live (in no particular order):

1. The people - everyone is so friendly and nice. We speak to each other in the aisles of Walmart even if we don't know each other. You don't have to know someone to get a wave from them as they pass by on the road.

2. Our small town - We had only lived here a few months when my hubby and I remarked to each other how "at home" we already felt. The aura of a small town is so great. I love the activities like Patriotic Celebration on the square, High School Homecoming Parade, Harvest Day and so much more!

3.We have a town square. It's the place where many of our town events are held. I go there to meet some friends every morning to walk for exercise. Our children can play in the square while we walk around the outside.

4. The food - yum! I love the good ol' home cooking: lots of veggies and smoked meats. There's the bread, too. And scrumptious homemade desserts! Gotta watch out for those. Too much of a good thing adds pounds to the waistline!

5. Our church - what a loving group of people.

6. Our house - we are so blessed.

7. The beautiful plants and flowers that flourish in our warm, humid climate!

8. Our proximity to the beautiful gulf beaches.

9. Our friends - we have been blessed with many relationships that mean so much to us. We didn't grow up here, but have been welcomed and loved as if we did.

10. The pretty vistas that characterize a rural area.

11. (I know, I cheated. But, I couldn't leave off) SWEET TEA!

My thanks to my Colorado friend, Mer, for the idea. You can check out her list here.

So what about you? Why do you love (or for that matter, don't love) where you live?


Andrea said...

..hold on....I'm thinking...mmmm...darn - I've got nothing..... :-) ooo, wait - I can agree with your #7!!! yay!

Tonja said...

Great Post! I'm going to think about doing this my self...even though we live so close together!

new mom in law said...

I don't LOVE where I live, but I learned to "Bloom where I am planted" and that's exactly what I did. Unlike you, I don't LOVE small town living. It did serve well to raise my children here, and I have met some wonderful friends, BUT, there's no place like home.

Jenn said...

I loved reading your list. Your town sounds lovely. Maybe we will get to visit someday. :o)