Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Beach Is Our Classroom!

Thanks to the continued generosity of friends, we are once again enjoying time at one of our favorite beaches! This is the first time I've ever been at the beach in the fall, and I like it! The weather is perfect: not too hot for being outside, not too cold for being in the water!

We've been riding bikes, playing on the playgrounds, swimming in the pool, exploring the beach, hiking trails, lounging around, and enjoying the company of friends!

A highlight of a recent trek on the beach was finding this:

Yes, it's an OCTOPUS! We have never seen a real octopus, so this was very exciting!

We were fascinated by the suction cups thingies (yes, I am aware that is not the scientific name for them) on its under side.

Another family on the beach actually inadvertently caught the octopus. The dad of the family found a PVC pipe floating in the ocean. When he picked it up, he noticed the octopus inside. He brought it to shore to show his family, and we walked over to investigate (be nosy).

This picture shows one of the daughters with the octopus. It gives you an idea of the size of the octopus...on the small side, but still very fascinating.

When we returned to our lodging, we read a book about sea life and drew pictures of an Octopus. Here is our daughters rendition:


Nan said...

How cool!!

April said...

Apparently, we need to change our vacation destination from the Atlantic side to the Gulf side. I am amazed at all your findings this past year. You have come across alot of interesting sea life there.

Amanda said...

How awesome is that! I showed my kids your pictures and they thought it was so cool!

I am sure if your kids are like mine, they will be talking about the octopus at the beach for the next few months!

Tonja said...

How cool is that! I don't think I have ever seen one up close li8ke that! Good art work, too! Hope your time at the beach continues to be sunny and fun!

Jenn said...

I am so glad that you are having such a wonderful time (a little jealous but happy for y'all).

How cool that you saw an octopus. I will have to bring my boys to your blog because they will be excited to see it.

Good to know that the Fall is still great beach weather. I will have to remember that for our next beach trip.

the voice of melody said...

There's nothing like learning from God's creation, not just from books but from the "real thing". How incredibly neat was that octopus!