Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Goodies

It's that time of year that everyone needs a yummy recipe for a Christmas goody to take to one or more party.

I've been busy posting cookie/candy recipes over on my recipe blog. Be sure to head over there for several Christmas goody ideas:

Glazed Crackers
Sugar Plums
Egg Nog Logs
Hidden Mint Sugar Cookies
Coffee Bean Cookies
Angel Kisses
Oreo Truffles

Happy Baking!


new mom in law said...

Did you make ALL these desserts on this table???? Thanks for the recipes. I plan to try some of them!!

Tonja said...

These look wonderful! Are you for hire? :)

April said...

It looks like you had a good turn out! Thinking about doing it again next year??? I'm trying to get everything ready for mine next Monday. Lots to do!

the voice of melody said...

Your angel kisses look nice and light. Very pretty dessert! (all of the desserts on the table look delicious by the way!)

Geri said...

I think eating the oreos in between is really what makes them so delicious.