Thursday, December 4, 2008

How To Make Polka Dot Christmas Ornaments

One of the many activities that my friend Jennifer and I did while she and her family were visiting last week was make Christmas ornaments. When we were out shopping the Black Friday sales, we saw some very cute ornaments for sale in a specialty shop. As we looked at them, we realized we could probably make them ourselves.

So, it was off to Michael's to purchase our supplies. We bought ivory (white or clear work great too) Christmas balls, paint pens in various colors and ribbon.

I found some tea cup and saucer display stands in my cabinet which we used to hang the balls while they were drying. This way, the paint would not get smudged by laying down the ball.

First we painted large polka dots (with a paint pen) on the Christmas ball in the color of our choice.

After the polka dots dried, we painted an initial. You can use any font you like. To get ideas, I type the initial into a document in Microsoft Publisher. I experiment with the different font choices in the program until I find one I like. Then I try to imitate it.

This is actually Jennifer working on one of the ornaments.

After the initial dried, we added tiny white polka dots all over it.

By changing the colors of the polka dots and initials as well as the font of the initial, we made ornaments for those of the masculine gender as well. The following picture shows a feminine and a masculine style hung side by side. We made these two for our neighbor children who are fraternal twins.

As a finishing touch, we used ribbon to put a little bow at the top of the ornament. We also added a ribbon loop for hanging on the tree.

These ornaments are so cute on the tree. Because of their cuteness and because they are handmade; they make great gifts for your kiddos' friends, teachers, etc.! Why don't you go out and make some today!?!


new mom in law said...

Love them! Thanks for the step by step directions...and THANK YOU for making me look good...well, my Blog look good!!!! It is PERFECT in every way!!! Merry Christmas!

Tonja said...

VERY cute...I'll file this away for next year. They look just like those for sale at N**th**cu**s!
Great job!

Lisa said...

Too Cute!!! I love them.

Lisa Q

Jenn said...

I just ordered several of these for teachers' gifts. The orginal ones I found were anywhere from $15-$42. The site I ordered mine from were $5 each not bad but I may try to make them next year with your instructions.

Yours look great! Thanks for the step by step info! Have a wonderful weekend. Love ya.

Jennifer said...

I loved making those ornaments with you. Me and the girls made some last night.

Laura Rash said...

what kind of paint pen did you use? Acrylic or what?