Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Son Loves To Create

I have enjoyed seeing our son be interested in creating things. Almost every day he is building or drawing something. His latest creation was this helmet.

It all started when he asked my hubby to draw a race car helmet. Joel drew a one dimensional helmet. A little while later, our son asked him to draw another one. Our son then took the two and taped them together to make a helmet he could wear. After that, he kept adding items....paper across the top, cable ties and keenex for a visor.

Pretty creative, if you ask me!


Tonja said...

Very creative! Better keep lots of supplies handy. When the 'I wanna make something' bug needs to be done...right then!

Good for him!

Main Street Mom said...

Too cool! I bet he raced for quite a while with that on!!!