Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning

We have a nice-sized attic that we are grateful for. But, like all storage spaces, it has gotten a little messy! There are a lot of boxes up there that contain my notebooks, files and books from my years of teaching. Add to that our Fall and Christmas decorations, clothing, toys, etc and you have a pretty big mess with no room to walk around.

Unfortunately, not only was the attic messy, but the boxes were torn and deteriorating. So, one day recently, I decided to get up there and fix it! I bought new boxes and got busy transferring the contents of the old boxes to the new ones.

Even though the work was hard, I enjoyed sifting through the items of my past. Amidst the teacher files and books, I found photos, plaques and journals.

THIRTEEN journals, in fact. I resisted the urge to read through every one of them, but did take a few minutes to peruse. Talk about a walk down memory lane! How fun yet strange to read my own thoughts so many years ago.

I found my Helen Steiner Rice compilations which I promptly brought down and placed in my secretary...

and this placard that hung outside the front door of our first home.

I brought it down out of the attic and put it up in the garage.

Other treasures from the attic included Joel's collection of Calvin and Hobbes comics (which our son has already started enjoying)...

and this piece of artwork:

It was given to me by a student when I was teaching 7th grade history several years ago. I guess she didn't want to carry it home from art class, so she gave it to me!

But this was by far my favorite find:

Joel and I got engaged on September 15th. During the 5 months until our wedding, I made a calendar for him. The calendar was made up of these heart shaped papers. Each paper had the date on it along with a message from me. I have had so much fun reading these messages. They bring back poignant memories of our long distance engagement.

Oh, and in case you are wondering: Here is what the attic looked like when I finished cleaning and organizing it.

The only thing I regret about this spring cleaning venture is the allergies I am fighting after stirring up all that dust!


stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

Well done!! :)

Crystal said...

Great job. I really need to do this soon. You found some great treasures!

Nan said...

How neat!!

KaReN said...

Looking at your attic reminded me of cleaning the nursery - I had trouble with nose for the remainder of the week - just have to love dust! I've actually added a new post (it's almost a year or least a whole school year's difference) - better late than never!!