Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Memory is a funny thing!

It makes twenty years feel like yesterday.
Yet, it makes twenty years feel like the two decades it is.

Memory recalls funny snippets of times past.
Yet, it fails to remember some of the most important details.

I took a walk today....a walk back to twenty years ago.

She remembered too many practical jokes I had played on her.

I had forgotten them.

I remembered detention shared with her (my ONLY detention ever; probably hers too).

She had forgotten that.

My memory recalled a certain teacher with fondness, hers recalled with much less admiration.

She affectionately reminisced about another teacher, I...not so much!

She remembered letting me read an important journal entry.

I remembered her high school crush.

Memory is a funny thing.

We made new memories today....a shared past, a similar spirit and vision, a common Hope.


Love Being a Nonny said...

One thing I love about blogging...........those memories are written down.

Precious friendships are a treasure. So glad you had this time! Loved all the old pictures. but the last one is GREAT! You both look so good!

Main Street Mom said...


Mrs. Troop said...

How fun is that? Now that I've met "her" - I need to meet YOU! Love the pictures. Happy Friday!