Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dangerous Rest Area

We stopped at this rest area during our trip in Florida. I found this hilarious. It really makes you want stop here, doesn't it? A nearby sign which I failed to photograph said "dog walk this way." As if anyone would want to walk their dog in an area with poisonous snakes.


Nan said...

That is hysterical!! I so would have taken a picture of this sign if I were there too! LOL! Oh and "Dog walk this way" would be even funnier if there were a misplaced comma, "Dog, walk this way." HA! :^D

Leah Belle said...

My mom read this post and said, "How do you do a "dog walk"?

Nancy said...

We had a poisonous snake in our yard last year. My 12 yo son, Jamie, killed it. Check my blog archives for April 2006.

Too bad you came to FL before I met you! I would have loved to get together!

JennaG said...

Think I would just be movin' on! Thank you very much!

Nan said...

Hi Leah,
I just wanted to let you know that I just started a new multi-contributor blog that is related to homeschooling. I am recruiting anyone interested (even remotely) in contributing. Any contributions can be made whenever you feel like it; no schedule for it or anything. Right now I am opening it up to just about any home schoolers that feel like they want to contribute.

Here’s the URL if you want to look at it. I’d love it if you could link to it and let your homeschooling readers know about it.


Jennifer said...

My first thought is "someone in the Tucker family must of had to go real bad." I'm glad you took pictures. That's hilarious!