Sunday, March 11, 2007

We've Been Traveling!

Our family has been on the road. My hubby had a conference to attend in Orlando, and the rest of us were excited to be invited along. Since our family motto is "never a dull moment," it would be impossible for us to have an uneventful drive. About 2 hours into our trip, one of our children threw up. Obviously this slowed us down as we had to change clothes, clean seats and floormats and bag up yukky, soiled clothing, teddy bear, etc. I had to covertly change my shirt on the side of the interstate since I managed to be in the way when this occurred. We made it to Orlando eventually and managed to have a great time.

The conference sessions were over by 3 pm, so we did our school work in our hotel room in the mornings, went swimming in the pool (80 degreee weather and a heated pool), even visited Wal-Mart. Then when Joel finished with his sessions, we'd visit some places together. Since our budget does not include a trip to Disney, we found other fun things to do. These are some pictures of our time in south Florida. I think my kiddos favorite place was Lego Land at Downtown Disney. The sea monster is made of legos. The store has many amazing demonstrations of all you can build with Legos including a "life size" dinosaur and a gigantic robot. They also have play tables where everyone is welcome to join in the building fun.


Nancy said...

Hi Leah! I'd love to be a blog buddy! Hey, I live 2 hours from Orlando and I've never been to Lego Land. It looks like we should go...I've got 4 boys! You can email me at! Cute pics!

Nan said...

Cool lego dragon!

Oh and Tucker (why is he the theme of both of my comments here today?) puked 2 hours into our last drive. Only it was 5:30 in the morning and -10 degrees when it happened.