Thursday, April 26, 2007

Morning Jaunt in a Small Southern Town

As I left on my morning bike ride, I waved to the next door neighbors leaving for work. I turned into a neighboring subdivision and started to pedal. The first car to pass me was occupied by a young man who attends our church. He was either heading to work or to class at a local college. We waved as I sped through the first long downhill portion of the route. I said "good morning" to the little old man who is watering the plants in his front yard just like he does every morning. He's a sweet man who is partially blind, but somehow always knows you're there and is quick to call out a greeting. I took the big curve that winds around the pond (it's covered with scum and always makes me pedal faster for fear of swarms of mosquitos suddenly attacking me) and began the first slow ascent. The huge great dane came out to wag his greeting and my legs started to burn from the climb. I noticed a mom loading her kids into the car on their way to school. I got a little break as the terrain leveled out and I admired the rose bushes, yellow, pink and red blooming beautifully in someone's yard. I'm gonna have to plant some of those in my yard soon! I climbed another hill then turned around to do the whole thing again in the opposite direction. As I was savoring the fragrant smell of the honeysuckle vines that covered the trees, Chad's (a member of our church) shiny red truck drove by. At the turn heading back by the scummy pond, a lady drove by with her window rolled down and yelled, "have a good day!" After climbing the last loooonnnngg uphill portion of the route (formerly the first long downhill portion), I turned into our driveway with my heart pumpin' and ready to start my day. I thanked God for the friendly people and beautiful sights afforded me because I lived in a small, southern town.


April said...

This sounds like the beginning of a good novel.

KaReN said...

I'm impressed that you are exercising! You are motivating me to do the same.