Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Strawberry Pickin' Time!

It is one of our favorite things to do: go to the strawberry farm and pick our own bucket o' berries! And that's just what we did this week. The sunny weather was glorious and the berries were luscious! The kiddos did a good job of finding the "big ones" and the "red ones." What is almost more fun is eating the fruit. We love 'em "as is" or in smoothies or pies (both of which we've already consumed!). Other favorites are Grandma's Strawberry Cake and of course, strawberry shortcake. Go on over to my recipe blog for some yummy strawberry pickin' time recipes.

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JennaG said...

Oh Leahbelle--it's just too wrong of you to make me so jealous! I love strawberries--and picking them--but there's no place around here to get them. They were always ripe and ready by mother's day in Missouri and by father's day in Washington--I sure do miss them!