Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Restaurant In Town

Yesterday was the grand opening of a new restaurant in our little town. This year has seen some exciting additions to our town, including several restaurants! This restaurant is on the square of our town in an old building. I have special interest in this one, though, because a friend of ours is the owner. Our friend, Melanie, and her family took an old building that was in very sad shape and did a LOT of work on it. I must say they did an excellent job of making it look great! I applaud their hard work.

I was excited when Melanie asked me to do the wall decorations. She wanted pictures that depicted some of the history of our town. She also wanted pictures of hometown heroes and hometown sports heroes. I had SOOOO much fun researching, talking to people and hunting down pictures! I learned a lot of interesting facts along the way. Like the hometown football star that went on to play for Florida State, then joined the Air Force, fought in Vietnam, made the military his career and became a Major General before retiring. Or the man from our town who served 8 years in the State House of Representatives.

As I mentionned, yesterday was grand opening. Because the first day is so rough and I wanted to help my friend, I worked with her during supper rush last night. Now I've never had a waitressing job, so there are probably some of the finer points of the job I don't know, but I had a good time. It was very busy (we even had a large group come in for a birthday party) and I worked hard - never being still for even a moment. And when the need for a waitress lessened, I did the dishes. Whew! I now have a new found respect for those who do this regularly.

All in all, I had a lot of fun. Since we live in a small town, I know most of the people who came in. and it was fun to chat with them! I hope Mama B's (that's Melanie's Mom) does great and is around for a long time!


JennaG said...

Very cool--and what a wonderful friend you are to help her out! I hope it is a great success in your community.

Nan said...

It's very cute! And all that running around waitressing (etc.) could help your weight loss goals too! :^D (Unless of course the food is too irresistable!)

Glad you had so much fun helping out!

How small is your town?

Leah Belle said...

Our town boasted a population of 3,523 for the 2000 census, but we have had a lot of growth since then. We may be 5-7,000 now. Our town is only about 7 miles from a larger city (pop.65,000) and have become a "bedroom community" to that city. As a result, there are many subdivisions being built in and around our town. This population growth brings new business. We recently added Pizza Hut and LaBamba to our list of restaurants.We are gaining ammenities, but so far, have maintained the hometown appeal.

Tonja said...

I will have to drive up and give Mama B's a try. Sound good though.
There is always room for a good hometown place to eat! I wish your friend the best of luck.

Nan said...

Your town sounds so quaint Leah Belle! Idyllic. :^D And I know from the pictures it is pretty there!