Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sibling Affection

Our kids LOVE to go to Home Depot as much as their Daddy does. Its not because of the lumber or the paint. Its because of the buggies. They love the bright orange race car buggies that come equipped with steering wheels for them to use while pretending to race through the store. Recently, we were at Home Depot and the kids were very disappointed to discover that the steering wheels were missing from all the buggies. They managed to enjoy the ride anyway and I snapped this photo (yes, I carry my camera in my purse, so I almost always have it with me) of their sibling affection.


JennaG said...

Mine used to love those too! I carry a camera with me too--I thought all bloggers did!! ;) B. took mine with him to Africa though :(

Nancy said...

They are so cute. That's a wonderful way for a brother and sister to be!