Monday, May 14, 2007

What's Important!

Ok, Its been one of those mornings that everything my children do, irritates me. I hate it when I get this way. I suddenly find myself extremely aggravated at them and then extra-extremely aggravated at myself for being so extremely aggravated at them! I love them, am blessed to have them and yet am so impatient and unkind at times. So, I'm taking a step back. I've put in a movie and I'm blogging about my self-centeredness.

Why do I get so irritated when I am "inconvenienced" by my kiddos? They are precious. The problem is me. So I'm going to post a couple of pics of my precious children, then go pray about my attitude.
My daughter is folding the laundry for me. Sure, she's pulled the cushion off the couch to use as a folding board, but its precious that she's helping me.
My son is playing with his counting bears on a map of the United States. He says they are playing football. Why the winter hat when the Alabama weather is hot? I don't know, but that's what makes him precious.
These are the crafts they made for me in Sunday School yesterday. My 3 year old drew the family portrait. My 5 year old decorated the flower pot. Now THAT'S precious!

Do you ever get frustrated with your children and then remember what's really important? What's important is that God has blessed us with children and given us the responsibility to train them for His service. The best training is what they receive from our example. My lack of kindness to them this morning certainly wasn't a good example.

Crystal's post over at Our House made me stop and think. Visit her for a reminder of what's important. And while you are there, offer a prayer on her behalf.


Tonja said...

It happens to us all. We all have these moments. It happens, we're sorry, life goes on and we do better next time. Each of these 'extermely aggravating' times...teaches us lessons that we can call on the next time.
Your children's crafts are brings back sweet memories to me.

Heather said...

I am right there with you Leah. My attitude often stinks and the aroma of my heart stinks to God and other around me. Unfortunately it is my husband and children who get to smell it most. That is not good since they are the ones I love most. I have gotten better, God is still helping me "grow up". I am such a childish Christian. At least I am not a "baby" Christian anymore. :)

JennaG said...

I am so with you. I have found that I get especially cranky if I am trying to focus on myself and they keep interrupting. I used to read (for pleasure) during the day--until I realized that I was getting ill with my children when they needed me to do something for them. Now, I wait until they are in bed to have my "me" time. (Of course, now that they are older--it's much easier.) Some days are just harder than others--I just blame it on hormones!!!

Nan said...

Oh, you are VERY much not alone there Leah Belle! I have one especially difficult child (who is equally as sweet and funny and smart as he is naughty!) and I have to repent a lot about my attitude towards him.

Crystal said...

Oh how I can identify with these thoughts! I have to have to stop frequently to put things back into perspective since we have one little one who is the firstborn of two firstborns. Not to mention the drama--who knew we'd get that from a 3-year-old boy? He's such a reflection of his parents!! It's sometimes amazing how I'm shown my weaknesses through him.

And I thank you--and everyone--for the prayers. I know I am doing amazingly well, but there is always room to grow.

Nancy said...

I'm right there with you Leah on being nuts with the kids and about the kids. My 6 are overwhelming me at the moment. I just want to run away to the beach...