Sunday, May 13, 2007

Moms Who Are Special To Me!

First, of course, is my mother.

(My mom with my daughter March 2006)

(Mom with 2 of her 5 grandchildren. Photo taken at
my grandmother's house December 2006)

She is the best mom, and now that I am an adult, she is also my friend. As a mom myself, I now more fully appreciate all the sacrifices she made and continues to make for her children. Thanks, Mom, I love you!

Also special to me is my Grandmother (Mom's Mom).

(Grandmother with my daughter March 2006)

Grandmother is a special woman who has always shown so much love to me. I praise God that she is still living and that I was able to travel to Arkansas to see her this past Christmas. Happy Mother's Day, Grandmother. I love you!

And then, there's my sister!

(Rachel with her family December 2006)

Rachel has her hands full with 2 babies. She is quite the patient momma, however, and I am proud of her. I wish I could see her more often (she lives in New Jersey). I love and miss you, Rachel! Happy Mother's Day!

Last, but not least, is my mother-in-law.

(My Mother and Father-in-law with Joel December 2005)

My mother-in-law is not your stereotypical mom-in-law. I have never felt looked down upon, pressured, not good enough, etc. She has enfolded me into her family as a daughter. She always treats me with love and kindness. I've even heard her tell people that she is proud of me. I'm glad she is. Thanks for loving me, Mary. I love you.


Tonja said...

How blessed you are! Such beautiful smiles on all these ladies! That comes from a beautiful heart. Happy Mother's Day to you.

JennaG said...

You have a precious family.