Sunday, May 13, 2007

Joel's Granddaddy

My hubby's granddaddy passed away this morning. He was 87 years old. He grew up and lived in a small town in south Georgia. He served our country in World War II. He worked hard rearing a family while working with his hands. He was a godly follower of Jesus Christ. He had two children, more than 5 grandchildren and at least 10 great-grandchildren.

(Granddaddy with some of his great-grandchildren March 2007)

He no longer suffers from the physical ailments of earth. He is now listening to the choirs of heaven (he couldn't hear very well these last few years on earth). He is walking the streets of gold (he struggled so to get around). He is seeing Jesus (his sight was quite bad). And if they do such things in heaven, he's busy working on something (it grieved him that he had lost the ability to work and be of help to others).

(Granddaddy with one of his great-grandchildren November 2006)

My children (and I'm sure several of Granddaddy's great-grandchildren) will remember the rides he gave them in his chair. This gave him a lot of pleasure and thrilled the kiddos. We miss him, but we are glad he is whole in heaven.


Tonja said...

Isn't it wonderful to have that peace about where our loved ones are? How wonderful for him to be free of pain and spending time with Jesus!

April said...

Thank you for writing such beautiful words about our granddaddy. He was a wonderful man. It made me cry again but that's okay. I copied some of it and put in on my blog. Hope you don't mind. Love ya!

Nan said...

I'm sorry for your loss...