Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Field Trip!

On Monday, we went to the zoo in a nearby (2 hours away) town. Its the 2nd time we've been to this zoo. While this zoo is on the small side compared to others, it is so nice. Its easy to see everything in a reasonable amount of time without having to rush around. And, I love how close you can get to the animals. The big cats always make my blood run cold. They are right close I could touch them, staring at me with yellow eyes.
They pace back and forth in their cage with their large, powerful muscles and sometimes growl or roar. I always get a little nervous and pray none of them escape their cage!
Our son loves deer of any kind and got a kick out of these of an Asian variety standing on the hill looking at him. And the bald eagle was at the front of the cage allowing for very close inspection and good pictures! (Click on any photo to see a larger view)


April said...

Great pics, especially your son's facial expressions by the eagle cage. Was this with the homeschool group?

KaReN said...

Wow! The picture of the deer is so good that it almost looks fake! Josh and I went to our zoo over spring break and our favorite animal was the polar bear.