Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our Trek - Day Eight (July 27)

We started our 2nd day in Yellowstone at the Bridge Bay Gift Shop. Shopping on this trip was just about as fun as anything else we did . Everyone had their pet souvenir collectable they were looking for as well as gifts for friends back home.
Then we were off for another packed day of sightseeing. This day was spent touring the east side of Yellowstone. One of our first stops was at the Mud Volcano. These cauldrons were very interesting. Not only did they smell yukky (sulphur), emit steam, have a muddy color, they made funny sounds too. One of them was name Dragon's tongue, and it really did sound like you might imagine a dragon to sound.While we were at Mud Volcano, a buffalo wandered down a nearby hill and paid all us tourists a visit. He just casually strolled down the sidewalk and across the parking lot rather nonchalantly while all the tourists scrambled for a photo.
We also visited several turnouts and trails with views of the Upper and Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. These were spectacular views (again indescribable).
(Upper Falls)
(Lower Falls)
(Standing at top of Lower Falls looking downstream)

Next on the map was Mt. Washburn. This was an area of very high elevation and we could see for what looked like ages! It felt like being on top of the world. I did not even try to take pics of the view, because it was impossible to capture on camera. We got out of the car and did a little hiking here, which was a lot of fun!
We ended the day with a view of Tower Falls and a stop at the Sulphur Caldron. While we were at Tower Falls, I saw an acquaintance from my college days: Jennifer McKim (that's her maiden name. I don't know her married name). It was so weird to be so far from home and run into someone I knew. I had not seen Jennifer since leaving college, so it was a really bizarre thing to run into her!(Tower Falls)

To see more photos taken on day eight, click on any picture below. When the album pops up, click on the slideshow icon to watch slideshow.

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JennaG said...

I can't even imagine seeing a buffalo like that--it must have been so awesome. And to see someone you know when you are far from home is very cool. How fun. I have enjoyed all your vacation posts.

April said...

I'm glad you're writing again. I've been checking for new posts each day and missed reading all about your adventures. I can't believe a buffalo would wonder down the road with cars and stroll along like a tourist. That's amazing. The pictures keep getting more beautiful. By the way, you are an excellent photographer! Great family memories!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for working hard to share your vacation with us! Mike and I really want to go out west now.

How's the life back in the hot, hot, hot, oh did I mention hot, south?

Leah Belle said...

Oh my word, Heather! It is unbelievably hot. 100+ and then add on the most oppressive humidity. My poor kids can't even play outside when it is this bad!

April, I have always loved photography. I have absolutely no training, but perhaps someday I'll take a class. I borrowed a camera for the trip that is much nicer than the one I own. Now that I'm back home using my own, I realize how un-nice it is. I have started saving my money for the one I want. I think I'll ask all my family to give $ at Christmas toward my camera fund!:)

Jennifer said...

I have finally finished catching up on my blog reading. What an awesome trip! The pictures are so awesome! I know it was wonderful for your parents to revisit the town they once served in and started their family. I know you all enjoyed your time together.

mer said...

I LOVE that you guys saw so much wildlife...bears, elk, yellow-bellied marmot, and a buffalo. WOW! So cool. Thanks for sharing all your photos. I'm going to get you to help me with some trip planning for next summer. smile.

It's hot here too. Not as hot as where you live, and thank goodness we don't have the humidity, but it's still HOT! So hot that my kids don't want to play outside for very long at a time. We need to find a pool this afternoon!

Leah Belle said...

I would love to help, Mer. Can I go too? lol! :)

Nan said...

Good Lord! That buffalo is ginormous! I can't believe he just sauntered down for a stroll!! Too funny.

Great pictures again!

Nan said...

Oh and because you know I'm so curious... which camera is your dream camera that you are saving for? :^D

Jenn said...

I have loved reading about your vacation! Thanks so much for sharing. What great memories your kiddos will have! :o)

I feel you pain with heat-- we got back from Glorieta (nice 70s weather)and have also 100+ weather. It is finally summer in Texas (it took awhile to get here). I just hope since the heat came so late that it does not last through October!!