Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our Trek - Day Nine (July 28)

This day was the 1st of 2 days spent in Grand Teton National Park. These mountains are awe inspiring! Their ragged peaks and large glaciers make stunning sights that you could look at forever and never get your fill.(An artist tries to capture the beauty)
We spen the day hiking. We rode a ferry across Jenny Lake (a glacier formed lake), then hiked a trail past Hidden Falls on up to Inspiration Point. This hike was absolutely beautiful, and when we reached Inspiration Point, I was amazed! We could see what seemed like forever: the lake below, sage brush hills, and then plains beyond that. Then farther off, past the plains more majestic mountains. I didn't even take photos from the very top, because when I looked through my camera lens, it didn't capture the beauty.(these pics were taken during the hike)
The funny thing was, when we hiked back down and got on the ferry going back across the lake, we looked back at Inspiration Point. While it had felt like we were on top of the world, we were just on a measly hill compared to the rest of the mountains around it. It was shocking to realize how huge those mountains really are.(Do you see the rounded hill in the foreground? That's Inspiration Point)
Oh, also on our hike back down the mountain, an afternoon rain shower got us! It just made our adventure more fun. By the time we got back across the lake, we were dried off.
If I was forced to pick my favorite day of the trip, this might be it! Its a mighty hard choice, though cuz every day was amazing!

To see more photos taken on day eight, click on any picture below. When the album pops up, click on the slideshow icon to watch slideshow.

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