Saturday, August 4, 2007

Our Trek - Day Two (July 21)

Day two was an easy driving day. We drove from O'Fallon, Il (near St. Louis) to Kansas City. It was a beautiful day to drive through St. Louis. The sky was bright blue and sunny. We had fun looking at the arch as we drove by. At a stop mid-morning for gas, I was interested in this Amish vendor. It was so interesting to see them in the midst of modern culture including nearby beer advertisements. Just down the road there was also a Triple X billboard.We had lunch in KC/MO with my parents and then repacked the car (we had purchased a luggage carrier on-line out of Kansas City, and my parents had picked it up for us). Here is a pic of Dad, hubby and son after the car was loaded and ready to go. We helped water my mom's plants, did last minute laundry, etc. It was then off to bed for a good night's sleep before an early start the next morning.

P.S. Mom's garden was beautiful, and I had fun photographing parts of it.For more photos of day two, click here.
(photos by Leah Belle @Sweet Tea are copyrighted and may not under any circumstances be used without express permission)


Nan said...

Glad you're back in blogland! I missed ya!

Nancy said...

I lived in St. Louis for 6 years. My oldest 2 children just returned from visiting their father there. It's a very fun place with LOTS to do. Seeing the Arch brought back quite a few memories.