Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My BABY Turns Four Today!

Its hard to believe that my baby's no longer a baby! Where did 4 years go? I'm so grateful for this gift from God. What a joy and blessing my son is to me every day.

After the difficult labor that I experienced with my daughter, I wasn't sure what to expect from my 2nd pregnancy. It was a breeze! I was induced at 6:30 am, given an epidural at about 10:00 am and gave birth at 12:30pm. I only had to push 3 times. When my Mom called about an hour later (she lives in another state) and asked how things went, I said I couldn't believe how easy it was! My son came out screaming and hasn't slowed down since. He was never happy about being unable to get around on his own and when he started walking at 9 months, became a much happier child. Now he keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh A LOT!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Big Guy! How handsome you are! Look how beautiful you were as a tiny little baby, I love that picture.

Kelley said...

Too sweet. I'm sure mommy made sure he had a fun birthday!

I keep looking at my 5-year-old "baby" and wishing that I could keep her little. (I use the term "little" loosely, though because she was never really little - 9lbs. 9oz. at birth!) But I'll tell you what's worse about making ME feel old is my 12-year-old firstborn! It's just not possible...is it?!

Jenn said...

Happy 4th b-day - I am sure it was great! He is such a cutie and those eyes - gorgeous!

April said...

Happy Birthday Little Man! We had a great time with you all this past weekend. Have fun at your party Cowboy!