Monday, September 17, 2007

One of the Many Reasons My Husband is so Great!

This past week was crazy busy! I participated in a local semi-annual consignment sale. Its really a GREAT idea and I'm so glad I get to participate! I ironed, labeled and put on hangers clothes that my children have outgrown. Then this past weekend, I delivered them to the local civic center and worked a 4 hour shift sorting all the clothes that were dropped off. Because I worked a 4 hour shift, I was considered a hostess and was allowed to shop the sale the night before it opened to the public. These sales are great, because nice, name brand, gently used clothing is sold at 1/2 to 1/4th the price that it was originally purchased. This makes it possible for me to buy clothing items for my children that I would never be able to afford from the department or boutique stores.
(a couple of items I bought for my daugher)

I also love the fact that I can sell my items and receive 95% of the price. The other 5% goes to a local charity. I not only sold clothes but also toys, baby bed, double stroller, etc. Everything has to be tagged according to the specifications of those running the sale, and I had so much stuff (years worth) that it took many hours to get everything ready to go. There was more than one very late night in this house, and I was running on very low fuel. There was so much stuff spread across our bed that we had to sleep in our daughters bed a couple of nights. My husband was awesome. He helped me by cleaning items, getting things out of the attic and keeping the kids out of my way.

(my bedroom during the process)
(a pile of stuff I had to get ready to the garage)
Two of my sisters-in-law (and their children) came from Fl to be a part of this too. Dawn brought items to consign, and she worked a 4 hour shift too. April came to keep Dawn company on her drive and to help my hubby babysit all the kids. I'm so grateful that Joel was willing to give up a whole weekend so I could go work and shop these 2 days. And in case you are wondering, it was well worth the work. I found lots of great items for my kids AND made lots of money! Thank you, sweetie, for all your help...for taking a day off work to babysit...for giving up Saturday to babysit....and for so much more! I love you!

Read April's perspective of the weekend at Its a Beautiful Life.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! We did that recently with the boys stuff at the local flea market.

mer said...

I participated in a sale like that once...just once...because it was so much work. I might have done it again if I could have kept 95% of the sale price. My cut was was only 60%.

Glad you had great success! Sounds like it was worth your time and effort.

Are you a fan of Kelly's Kids clothing? The photo of your daughter's stuff reminded me of Kelly's Kids. I loved KK when we lived in the south. I was thankful to have friends who passed their stuff on to me though because outfitting 3 kids blew a hole in my budget!

Kelley said...

You are a better woman than me! Although I probably have that much stuff I should get rid of, I would never go to that much work to sell it. Sounds like it really paid off for you though!

Kudos to your husband for braving the kids and being "on duty" for the weekend for you! He's definitely a keeper if he'll do that for you!

April said...

I can't wait to participate with you all next year! Hopefully I will find some good deals on clothing and/or toys. I had a blast at your house. What's not to love: 4 excited children playing as hard as they could, shoppping, watching the football game with my brother and hangng out with the girls for a little while!

JennaG said...

What an accomplishment--you must be so pleased. That was a ton of work--you done good.