Monday, October 29, 2007

A Series: Fall in Lower Alabama!

You've heard me complain about the weather that remains hot and very sticky for way too long around here. So you won't find it surprising that when the cooler temperatures (and by that I mean low 70s with no humidity) prevail, I rejoice. I never appreciated Fall more than I have since living here.

But its not just the cooler temps that make Fall in this area so great. Our rural area is so beautiful in harvest time! I just sigh with satisfaction when I see the big round haybales, wrapped in white plastic, glowing under the huge full moon that never seems as bright as it does in Fall. I grin with pleasure as I gaze at the defoliated cotton plants ready for harvest. It looks a little like snow on the ground, and since that's as close to snow as we ever see, I call it "Alabama snow." The peanut farmers are in full swing, and I love to watch the big machines at work! I love to decorate my house with the orange, yellow and brown colors of fall. I love pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns and Fall Festivals and Harvest Day celebrations and so much more.

So, in celebration of what has become my favorite season, I will spend this week posting pictures and an occasional thought demonstrating what Fall looks like where I live! I hope you are loving Fall where you are and are giving Thanks to God for His provisions.

(the photo above shows some of the fall displays that decorate our town square)


Tonja said...

Great idea! I'll look forward to seeing what you post!

Crystal said...

Oooh, I missed fall so much when we lived down that way. Of course, there isn't much harvest to bee seen on the coast--just leaves that cling to the oak trees until spring.

The area where you guys are sounds like the area where we are now. Just trade the peanuts for sweet potatoes, and you've got it--minus the stickiness, of course. I love fall!